In olden days the engines used to be equipped with multiple Belts, performing varied functions. However the modern vehicles are designed to function fully using just a single V-Belt. It is mostly the Poly-V Belt or also known as Serpentine Belt, which is used to power the alternator, power steering, air-conditioning, and all other accessories.
The Serpentine Belt is either a V-Belt of a flat ribbed belt. The advancement in the technology and the rubber compounding has made the Serpentine Belt as the most reliable, single element to drive all the accessories associated with the engine.
The Serpentine
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PIX power rated V belts features are,
Ensures high level of protection against fire hazards
Fire resistant and anti-static properties as per ISO 1813
All FRAS Belts are ATEX certified
Suitable for high speed serpentine drives using smaller diameter pulleys
Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

Application: Petrochemical industries, coal mines, fire-prone areas, gas stations, applications involving inflammable substances, etc.
Hexagonal or Double V-Belts are recommended for serpentine drives, where power is to be transmitted from both the sides of the Belt.
Double V-Belts are extremely flexible, they are widely used in agricultural machinery. They are meant for the application where sudden directional changes in the Belt travel occur, these changes exerts a unique stress on the structure of the Belt.
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